Does your English training require a more personal approach, or do you have to prepare for a specific event in English? can help you improve and focus your English quickly.

What is personal training ?

Personal training is an in depth one to one training course with an English native speaker proficient in scientific, medical and business English. In addition he is bilingual in German and can hence guide the trainee along a road of maximum efficiency .

This type of personal training allows you to improve your English in a fast, precise manner that is targeted on a future event.

This example will show you the scope this personal training can take on:

You have been asked to give a scientific lecture in English in a foreign country. In German you can easily sway your scientific peers, because using your own language you can fall back on personal selected pictures and allegories to enrich the lecture. In English you lack these. You can collate the facts but the persuasive power of the lecture is simply missing.

This is where comes into the picture. With your trainer you define a specific number of hours. Initially these will be used to fine-tune your lecture so that your personal stile is recognizable in English. In a second step you will repeatedly give the lecture to the trainer, improving your presentation skills and learning how to answer questions. All required Materials for the lecture such as abstract, poster etc. will be developed with you and edited upholding all schedules. In the end you will give a self-confident and self-assured lecture to your peers in English and be able to eloquently answer scientific questions. All in all this lecture will go down as an absolute success for you.

In the past few has given this support to German and Austrian doctors giving English lectures at high-ranking international scientific congresses. In all cases their lectures were a success.

Other typical examples for personal training are:

improving your CV and preparing you for a job interview in English

improving your scientific thesis and preparing you for oral examinations in English

improving your scientific publication and preparing you for a scientific talk in English


Hourly fee: 45 €

This fee includes German sales tax @19% and travel expenses within a 100 km radius. Any assignments outside of the 100 km radius will be subject to additional travel and accommodation expenses. All fees are to be paid in EUR.

Do you require personal training in improving your English, then do not hesitate and contact today via the contact page © 2024
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