English is the language of the internet, business and science. That is why proficient English is so important today.

Maybe you work for a mid-size German company, that is expanding into new global markets, so this problem is nothing new to you:

Here in Germany your employees can confidently deal with all service requests from German speaking customers at home and abroad. Yet requests in English are dealt with in a completely different way. Looking closer into such a situation you will find, that the English they learnt at school lacks specific vocabulary and leaves your employees with a considerable lack of confidence. In business lack of confidence can be detrimental, especially when dealing with new customers.

In-company group training incorporating your technical terminology can change that for you. can help you widen your global customer base with employees, that in the end will be as confident in English as in their native German. You can expect more foreign business boosting your company's revenue.

What is group training?

Group training is a recurrent training course for up to 15 participants with an English native speaker proficient in scientific, medical and business English. In addition he is bilingual in German and has good moderation skills, hence can provide the optimal training for participants. Group training can be setup in-company incorporating your technical terminology.

Typical examples for group training are:

In-company business English classes (improving in-company English by i.e. simulating phone calls, writing invoices, etc.)

Conversation classes (improving your English by supplying novel topics to discuss)

English classes from A1 to B2 and beyond (Teaching English from novices to highly proficient students)

Scientist small talk conversation classes (bridging conversation gaps and making scientists from all over the world find a common ground, outside of their scientific expertise)

English refresher classes (digging up dormant English and improving vocabulary)

Classes in English for travelling purposes (English geared specifically for tourism in English-speaking countries)


Hourly fee:

The hourly fee is set on the number of people attending. Sometimes small focus groups can be more effective than larger ones. The maximum group size is 15. If more than 15 participants require training, groups will have to be split.

These fees include German sales tax @19% and travel expenses within a 100 km radius. Any assignments outside of the 100 km radius will be subject to additional travel and accommodation expenses. 

For companies a tax relevant invoices will be supplied.

Do you require group training, then do not hesitate and contact today via the contact page. © 2024
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